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  • Name Dalibor Lucic

  • Age 44 Years

  • Location Pforzheim, Germany

  • Experience 15 Years

  • Degree University Masters

  • Career Level Mid-Level

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I’m Food Engineer & Web Designer

My name is Dalibor Lucic and I come from Croatia. I have a university diploma and I graduated from Faculty of Food Technology in Zagreb, Croatia. I worked in many companies and did jobs such as catering management, occupational safety, factory work, as a web designer and server administrator.

In my last job, I worked for 5 years as a freelance entrepreneur (web administrator, web designer, server administrator) and my job and job was really responsible every day. During this time I also worked as a journalist and web developer.

I am a dynamic, ambitious, active person who gets along well with people and can build good relationships not only with customers, but also with colleagues. Although I am an independent type, I can also work in a team and bring things to a successful end. I am a good listener and I learn quickly.

Relevant details about my practice and training can be found in the attached curriculum vitae. I would be happy to answer any questions in a personal meeting.



I have experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, Wordpress.


Well good knowledge od Photoshop, Video montage, adn Adobe products for graphic design.


I am a dynamic, ambitious, active person who gets along well with people, and good Team player.


Web administrator of several big pages, with several hudred thousand visitors monthly..


Repairing computers, upgrading and installing operating systems..


Knowledge of stock market investing and technical analysis of the stock market.

60% Complete

Working 9 years on my own news page, doing PHP coding.

60% Complete

Web administrator on three pages, 400k/month visitors. Owner of web page with 1M visitors/month.

40% Complete

Have CNC operator ceritificate.

60% Complete

Have knowledge ih Adobe Photoshop over 8 years..

Bio & Skills

My name is Dalibor Lucic and I come from Croatia. I am a graduate Food Technology engineer and Food Management Specialist, Business Plan Maker. I educated myself on Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, where later graduated international degree of master, “Food management” in English.

In the meantime, I ended up Entrepreneur Program for making Business Plan, at High School for Economics Entrepreneurship ‘VERN ‘, with the cooperation of experts from LEVON Institute, University Vaasa, in Finland, and ISTUD-a – Institute of Management, Stress / Milan, in Italy, and I certified for making Business development plan for medium and small businesses.

During 2009. I organized the promotion of medical products for the The Crux d.o.o. in Zagreb County. I spent a direct presentation of products from the world’s best manufacturers of laboratory analyzers HPLC, GC, GCMS, ICP, AAS and laboratory equipment, Rainin and Mettler Toledo in the retail network.

I gained work experience in the field of Safety at work, where I gained extensive experience in the areas of study Safety at work, chemical hazards and Waste Act.

I organized activities associated with running the restaurant, including norms. Possessing the skills and knowledge of technical analysis of financial markets. From attachment yo can see that my experience is very diverse and has great width, and shows that I acquire new knowledge and experience with no problem. Possessing typing skills (63WPM) and the skill of speed reading (700WPM).

Currently I have been making a web sites in Worpress tool, HTML,CSS, Dreamweaver, disigning in Illustrator, processing in Photoshop. Posessing brand new AutoCAD certificate. I am an active athlete with a lot of hobbies. Having Master belt 1. day sho-dan (初段 black belt) in Judo.

If you have a need for experts in the field of food management, marketing and other areas offered, and believe that my experience and knowledge meet your requirements, please be free to contact me so that I can personally presented to your company.

More about myself and my job experiences I’ll tell you on a job interview. I hope that our upcoming meeting, due to the fact that I logged in without being compulsory in the Department of Employment.

Hard Skills
Food Production
60% Complete

Food industry in Croatia is not functioning so much profitable. Trying to find a job in this profession and make experience is much hard.

Web Administration
60% Complete

Best job ever.

Soft Skills
Application of knowledge
60% Complete

Like in spare time my hobby is repairing computers, and installing operating systems.

Professional Experience
2009 - 2010
Occupational safety and testing specialist

Inspekt d.o.o. (company)

Zagreb, Croatia

Type of work and responsibilities: Chemical Safety and Occupational Safety and Health test Read More

2009 - 2016
IT Manager

ANAX Bars and Restaurants d.o.o. (company)

Zagreb, Croatia

IT management of restaurants, regulation of standards, commodity analysis, organization of procurement of goods (...) Read More

2011 - 2019
Freelance Web Designer and Journalist

Novi Svjetski Poredak d.o.o. (company)

Zagreb, Croatia

Management of web page over 1M visitors / month. Web design, PHP programming, writing posts, Facebook adminitrator. Read More

Academic Background
1996 - 2005
Masters of Food Technology

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

Zagreb, Croatia

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, is a leading scientific research and teaching institution in the Republic of Croatia in the field of biotechnology, nutritional technology and nutrition. The Faculty's long-standing activity in the education of high-quality professional staff and the implementation of scientific-research and professional projects in cooperation with the economy has remained and is the main driver of the development of the Croatian economy in the above mentioned field of activity. (...) Read More

2007 - 2009
Postgraduate specialist study in Food Management (TEMPUS project) in English.

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

Zagreb, Croatia

Postgraduate specialist study in the academic year 2007/2009. to acquire Master of Science (3 semesters) in Biotechnical Sciences, Food Science. technology (...) Read More


+49 178 9821 533

Humboldtstr. 48, 75175 Pforzheim, Germany

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